eDiversiti's Committment to Service

Ediversiti.com is a retailer of learning educator resources established in 1999. Resources include educational items used by schools, teachers, parents and children. What we sell are the best in the industry. The value of our services is determined by the accuracy, speed, and fill rate of our order processing, excellent customer service and operational efficiency.


Testimonials are a powerful selling tool. Many great selling ads are made up of 1/3 testimonials of the company's products or services. This is only a suggestion, since this area is widgetized you can use it any way you please to satisfy your needs.

Company Ethics

TSince 1975, eDiversiti has been committed to ethically producing the highest quality service in the world. Today with more than 5000 employees worldwide eDiversiti is still committed to same producing quality.

Web Order Entry

This on-line ordering system is intended for the use of all people around the world. The company sells to schools, teachers, Parents and other users. Everyone can order directly from our shop, a list of which can be found on the Visit Our Shop. Email: salea@ediversiti.com Mobile: 0433164930